Pakin and Rakukin

- Hey, you, cut out that sniftering! - said Pakin to Rakukin.

Rakukin wrinkled up his nose and gave Pakin a dirty look.

- What are you staring at? Seen enough yet? - asked Pakin.

Rakukin chewed at his lips and, indignant in his revolving chair, looked the other way. Pakin drummed his fingers on his knee and said: - What a fool! I'd like to smack him with a stick in the head.

Rakukin stood up wanting to leave the room, but Pakin quickly jumped up, chased after Rakukin and said:

- Wait! Where do you think you're rushing off to? Sit down, I have something to show you.

Rakukin stopped and looked mistrusting at Pakin. - What, don't you believe me? - asked Pakin.

- I believe you - said Rakukin.

- Then sit down here, in this armchair - said Pakin.

And so Rakukin went back and sat down again in his revolving armchair.

- So then - said Pakin - what are you sitting in that chair for, like a fool?

Rakukin moved his legs about and began to blink his eyes rapidly.

- Don't blink - said Pakin.

Rakukin stopped blinking and stooped down, drawing his head back, in to his shoulders.

- Sit straight - said Pakin.

Rakukin, still stooping, stuck out his belly and stretched out his neck. - Uhh - said Pakin - I wish I can smack you in the face right now!

Rakukin hiccupped, puffed out his cheeks, and then slowly, blew the air in his cheeks through his nostrils.

- Now, you, stop that sniftering! - said Pakin to Rakukin.

Rakukin stretched out his neck even further and began to blink his eyes rapidly.

Pakin said: - Rakukin, if you don't stop that blinking immediately, I'll give you a good kick in the chest.

Rakukin, so as not to blink, crossed his jaws, stretched out his neck still further, and threw his head back.

- Yuck, what a disgusting sight you are - said Pakin. - A face like a chicken's, a blue neck, it's just revolting.

At this, Rakukin's head fell back further and further and, finally, all strength lost, it collapsed on to his back.

- What the hell! - cried Pakin - What sort of a devil's treachery is that?

Looking at Rakukin from Pakin's position, Rakukin looked like he didn't have a head at all. Rakukin's Adam's apple was sticking up in the air. At first glance, one might well think that it was his nose.

- Hey, Rakukin! - said Pakin.

Rakukin was silent.

- Rakukin! - repeated Pakin.

Rakukin remained silent and continued to sit motionless.

- So - said Pakin - Rakukin's dead.

Pakin crossed himself and left the room on tip-toe.

About fourteen minutes later a little trail of a soul climbed out of Rakukin's body and threw a malicious look at the place where Pakin had just been sitting. Then suddenly, the tall figure of the angel of death came out from behind the dresser and, holding Rakukin's soul by the hand, led it away somewhere, straight through houses and walls.

Rakukin's soul was trying to keep up with the angel of death, constantly glancing back maliciously. But then, the angel of death stepped up the pace and Rakukin's soul, stumbling and jumping, disappeared after the first corner.


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