Who built this site?

Hi! My name is Alina Constantinescu and I'm a Interactive Art Director. I put this site together because I love Daniel Charms, the Russian absurdist playwright. I added the portfolio section so that interested people can see my work, and hopefully, I will get some positive feedback and smashing job offers. In a nutshell, I live in New York, I have an M.A. in Interactive Design, a B.A. in Fine Art, and 10+ years experience with New Media. If you like what you see and are interested in working with me, please email me. Click for my resume.

My work - sites I designed over the past few years. In time, I'll be adding more digital design, some traditional type media, drawings, etchings, photographs, etc... If you would like to see more of my work, go to WONDERland.

.  As a concept driven hands-on Art Director and senior manager, through working with national and international accounts representing mass-market, emerging technologies, boutique, and non-for-profit brands, I gained a multi-layered breadth of experiences to draw upon. My qualifications and high standards for achievement continue to drive my innovative style forward.
.  Markets of Experience: Technology, Emerging Technology, Entertainment / Computer Games / Music, Marketing, Advertising, Automotive
.  Media: Interactive Media, Advertising, Branding, Identity Development and Collateral, Games, User interface design
.  Skill Sets: Design Principles, Brand Development / Re-branding, Brand Management, Team Building and Management, Business Development
.  Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, QuarkXpress, Painter, After Effects, Premiere, Director, DeBabelizer, GifBuilder, Ulead Web Utilities, RayDream, Strata, Alias Sketch!, Elastic Reality, Infini-D
.  Web Development: HTML, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Front Page, Fire Works, BBEdit, Flash, Shockwave
.  Languages: English -fluent, Romanian -fluent, Italian -conversational, French -conversational, Spanish -basic